Why You Need to Have Retainer after Wearing Braces

Wearing RetainersWhen you finally get your braces off, one of the most exciting stages is to move into the retainer period. A retainer helps keep your teeth in its proper place after the braces were removed. This is because it could take a year or two for the periodontal ligaments to harden into its new positions. That is the main reason one should wear a retainer after.

Once you stop wearing your retainer, your teeth could get crooked and gaps could open up again, explains orthodenco.com.

The Retainer Stage

The first time you wear a retainer, you may feel strange and slightly uncomfortable in your mouth. Just make sure to tell your dentist or orthodontist if parts are gagging you so that he can make adjustments that it is more comfortable to you. You may also observe that you lisp or you have a tendency to speak a little strangely. Don’t be discouraged because within a month you will get used to wearing it and eventually your speech will definitely improve.

The traditional Hawley retainer designs which leave you with a metal wire smile is still a trend today. But there are designs now that you can positively show off your beautiful smile using a new clear retainer which is fabricated with a practically unbreakable, BPA-free elastic orthodontic wire.

Types of Retainers

There are three basicĀ kinds of retainers. First is the Hawley retainer, which is made of acrylic and metal, and is the most common type. The second is the Essix retainers, these are made of clear plastic which are similar to Invisalign aligners. And the third one is the permanent retainers, in which the name implies, are attached to the back of your teeth.

Each type of retainer has its own advantages and disadvantages. So be sure to tell your orthodontist your preference so that they can help you choose and design the retainer that best suit your needs.