Why Should I Get My Teeth Straightened?

Misaligned TeethOver time misaligned teeth can cause major problems with your teeth. Improper bite can wear your teeth down in ways that will affect your long-term health and may be expensive to fix. The problems can also extend to your jaw muscles which, in extreme circumstances, can affect the shape of your face.

Getting your teeth straightened will help you with eating, cleaning your teeth and give you confidence with your smile.

Where Should I Go?

Teeth straightening, or orthodontics, is a major field of dentistry so, in Kent, teeth straightening will be offered by most if not all dentists. A web search will show you all the dentists in your area and will usually display their websites. Check individual clinics and practices for testimonials and patient review.

Talk to your friends and families about their dentists and find out how comfortable they feel about the treatments they receive. In general, everyone should get a check-up every six months or so and if they’ve been going to the same dentist for years they are probably happy with the care they receive.

What is Involved?

There are a lot of options when you want to get teeth straightened, the most common treatment option being braces. Many people are nervous about getting braces fitted however your dentist will do everything they can to help you through the process. There are other options available and your dentist will discuss your choices before you decide on a course of treatment.

It may take several appointments and adjustments to get your teeth exactly where they are supposed to be and the whole process can take anything from six months to two years depending on your personal circumstances. This is why it is very important to pick a dentist you are happy with.

What Are the Results?

Once your teeth are where they are supposed you’ll have the straight smile you deserve. You’ll have an easier time eating and your teeth will last a lot longer. Your teeth may even be easier to clean which means taking care of them will be more effective and you won’t have to spend as long in your dentist’s chair.