Why It’s Easier Now to Find Emergency Care for Your Cat

Scottish Fold cat lying on the backMost cat owners may find it confusing whether or not their pet’s odd behavior is already a red flag for emergency treatment.

However, you should watch out for certain signs and symptoms that require a quick trip to the veterinarian. It’s now easier to determine if your cat needs more than just medication from veterinary prescription pads from Positive Impressions, LLC.

Feline Treatment

Unlike in the past, the availability of the Internet has allowed us to find information for determining if your pet feels sick. In case you notice that your cat has been breathing through an opened mouth, this typically indicates respiratory problems. Labored breathing is unusual for cats, even for those that may exhibit weird habits.

If your cat vomits for several times a day, that’s another sign for you to bring them to the vet. They may have eaten or ingested something dangerous. Aside from this, frequent vomiting also indicates the presence of internal parasites.

Urgent Care

Who takes care of your cat if it spends most of the day alone at your home? During an emergency, a trusted person should have access to your house to bring your pet to the clinic right away. This individual should also be able to contact you immediately in this situation.

Keep a care kit handy around the house. This should preferably be stored in a place near your pet’s carrier. Some essential items to store in a kit include canned food, contact details of your vet, health records, written instructions on how to handle your pet and registration documents.


Taking care of pets requires more than just giving affection and spending time with them. Pet owners should prepare a healthcare contingency plan for their four-legged companions. You’ll find it less worrisome to deal with emergencies in this way, especially if you can’t be with your pet due to work or other commitments.