Who Needs the Services of Aeromedical Fleets and When?

Air Ambulance ServiceIs your loved one receiving a new heart? When someone important to you with a medical condition needs to fly to receive a new heart, the best option is an air ambulance service like Skymed Aeromedical. Who else benefits from medically supervised air transport services? When is it necessary to avail of the travel privileges offered by a trained and highly specialised crew?

Here are answers to your most pressing questions.

Infection-free post-transplant travel

Aside from medically supervised flights for people who are receiving a donor organ, persons who have just undergone a transplant operation can also benefit. Once the doctor gives out the clearance to travel all you need to do is schedule the flight with a qualified aeromedical fleet

For people who have just undergone surgery, the risk of infection is quite high. Getting on a commercial flight may not be a wise move. For a worry-free and infection-free flight home, you can put your money on an aeromedical service and reach home safely and soundly.

Only the best for critically ill children

Children who need specialist care must be supervised and monitored every step of the way. Children who are critically ill, require transport to facilities located hundreds of kilometres away for additional testing or treatment. 

Parents have to ensure their children are comfortable and safe, and it takes so much planning on their part. Parents must consider the services of a qualified aeromedical crew if they seek to lessen the stresses of caregiving, and give young children who are ill the care they deserve.

Immediate help to trauma patients

For trauma victims of all ages, timing is important. Survival is largely dependent on the immediacy of care they deserve. Air transport is often necessary, and the crew assigned to caring for the victims is trained to attend to the patient’s medical needs.

Receiving proper and immediate care — the best care medically compromised people deserve is possible with effective aeromedical transport. Entrust your loved ones to only the most qualified service providers.