What Is A Compounding Pharmacy And Its Roles?

a pharmacistToday, the dispensing of drugs involves the careful preparation of dosages for patients. In some cases, however, consuming two or more drugs can be a hassle for patients. This is where a compounding pharmacy comes into the picture.

Pharmacy compounding is a way wherein the physician can prescribe a particular drug, prepared by a pharmacist, to meet the individual needs of the patients. Some medicines can be combined so patients will not have a hard time taking many pills at the same time. Also, a Texas compounding pharmacy can give specific dosages that are not commercially available.

A compounding pharmacy has many roles. Here are some of its vital roles.

Provide A Specific Dosage For Patients

In some cases, the dosage of a prescribed drug isn’t available commercially. Hence, compounding pharmacists are responsible for providing the specific dosage needed. This prevents patients from preparing the dosage themselves, avoiding accidental overdosing. In some cases, a compounding pharmacy can also provide a particular flavor and dosage for pediatric patients.

Combine Medicines For Patients

In some illnesses like cancer, a cocktail of medicines is prescribed. The patients may need two or more drugs to treat the illness. Compounding pharmacies can combine several medications the patient is taking, reducing the hassle of taking many pills at the same time.

Make Medicines Allergy-Friendly

Some people are hypersensitive to specific ingredients in medicines such as lactose, gluten, dyes, and alcohol. These substances can cause unwanted reactions. But, if the patient needs to take medicine, a compounding pharmacist can provide a specific formula without the allergens. Hence, the patient can take medicine without worries.

Drugs are both commercially-available and mass-produced. In some cases, patients need specific dosages and mixtures for their individual needs. A compounding pharmacy works by providing these services to the patients.