What Damages Braces, and How Should You Deal with it?

Dental BracesBraces come with their fair share of troubles, but one of the most annoying is when they get damaged. A bracket will usually come loose, or the (surprisingly fragile) wires might break. What usually causes this to happen?

Eating chewy, sticky or excessively hard food may easily damage your braces. An accidental blow to your mouth is another common cause. Brushing, flossing or using a toothpick too roughly may also cause damage.

What should you do? Your orthodontist should be able to repair braces with ease once you pay them a visit. But right now, you cannot leave the appliance as it is.

Damaged braces have a high chance of causing injury if you do not take the necessary precautions. The wire may cut the inside of your cheek, hit your gums or hurt the inside of your mouth.

First Step: Surveying the Damage

Has the bracket fully come off? If so, just put it aside and bring it with you later for re-attachment. In case the bracket or a wire is sticking out, though, you will need to gently press them back into position near your teeth. Use orthodontic wax to hold them in place and prevent injury.

Second Step: Book an Appointment

When you call your orthodontist in Liverpool, describe the extent of the damage as much as possible, along with what you have done so far. Depending on how painful the braces are, Smileworksliverpool.co.uk says the orthodontist will either schedule an appointment or request that you come in for emergency treatment.

Third Step: Waiting for Treatment

In case you were not asked to head over to the clinic immediately, it is important to avoid damaging your braces even more. Stick to soft foods like boiled eggs or yogurt, and rinse your mouth regularly with salt water. Your orthodontist will give you specific care instructions as well.

Take care of your braces properly to help minimise the risk of damage.