What Causes Ingrown Nails?

healthy nailsIngrown nails are those that dig into and curve over the skin of the toes. They could cause immense pain, but don’t do much harm if addressed properly. Otherwise, a seemingly harmless ingrown nail could result in a severe infection that would require professional treatment.

How Do Ingrown Nails Develop?

Ingrown nails develop when your toenails start growing down into your skin rather than above and straight out of it. In some cases, the skin might cover the toenail’s sides entirely, which causes the toenail to become entrenched in the troublesome skin. It could develop on any toe, but frequently develops on the big toe. As it develops, your toe would eventually become painful, swollen, and red. Your skin might feel taut or hard to touch, as well. If left unaddressed, an infection could set in and you will notice pus leaking from the infected site.

Although many different things could cause ingrown nails, one of the most common causes is the incorrect cutting of the toenails. Marilynmonroespas.com and other nail specialists list some other causes like the following:

  • Tiny toenails that aren’t big enough to contain nail growth, as well as thick or naturally curved nails.
  • Cutting toenails in a curved orientation and too short.
  • Toe injury, such as accidentally banging your toe on a table leg.
  • Ill-fitting shoes that put pressure on the toenails.

Do You Have Ingrown Nails?

If you think you have an ingrown nail, it’s best to seek professional help to determine its cause, whether you have any underlying issue that requires treatment or if you’re simply cutting your toenails improperly. Although you could treat an ingrown nail and relieve the pain at home, knowing what caused it in the first place can help you prevent it from reoccurring.

If you have an ingrown nail — or are prone to developing it once in a while — and are fond of going to nail salons, make certain that the nail technician knows about your condition.