Want to Replace Your Teeth? Incredible Dental Implant Treatments You Should Know About

Dental Implants in Sutton Coldfield So, you want to have your teeth improved. What exactly would you have to do? And, how could dental implants help you? You can learn what you need to know here.

Replacing One Tooth

Yes, it is possible to get dental implants in Sutton Coldfield only for a single tooth. This could be done in a number of visits where teeth imaging would be done, and where you would have to undergo an exam where your dental history would be checked, and where the root of the problem would be talked about. This could be either a replacement tooth, a custom-made crown, an abutment, or the whole implant itself.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

If most of your teeth have been damaged over the years, it might help if you could have most of them replaced. You could get individual crowns for each of them, fixed bridges, or have options discussed with your trusted dentist. You could also make use of temporary teeth so they could be integrated with your implants without making you uncomfortable; in fact, you can return to work the following day even with implants like these.

Replacing All of Your Teeth

And of course, if the problem is terrible — to the point that you have to have all of your teeth replaced, take note that it is definitely possible, too. Again, you have to undergo an exam, and your dental history will also be talked about. The implants will then be placed on the teeth, or you could also ask for temporary teeth, if that’s your thing. And, you’ll be glad to know that even if you have all of your teeth replaced, you’ll still be able to go to work — and attend your commitments — the next day without any problems; that’s more than you can say for dentures of the past.

By understanding how dental implants work, you get to decide which is good for you — and thus, you’ll be able to give your teeth a new lease on life.