US Healthcare Sector Relies on Mobile Apps to Engage More Customers

Nurse receptionist answering the phoneU.S. healthcare firms have sought to invest more in telemedicine technologies this year, by integrating it with smartphone apps, as companies try to engage more customers.

Telemedicine appointments have become a viable alternative to house calls from doctors and other healthcare professionals. Some insurance providers believe that using more virtual tools will be necessary to elicit a positive perception among patients.


Cheaper costs serve as one of many selling points for promoting telemedicine services to patients. For instance, Oscar Health CEO Mario Schlosser said that telemedicine reduces the cost of care for asthma to around $260.

He said that healthcare expenses for the same condition cost more than $940 per episode. Part of the reason behind the cost-efficiency involves accurate information, according to Schlosser. The company ensures that patients will not be “in the wrong outlet of care like the ER.”

Aside from insurance providers, the dental industry has continued to evolve based on new trends that will unravel in 2018.

Dental Trends

There is no doubt that dentists will continue to rely on an orthodontics laboratory’s development of new equipment and resources, which firms like can help them with. But professionals should be willing enough to consider other alternatives on how to expand their practice.

Some of these alternatives include flexible payment options for care and treatment, including a discount program and healthcare credit card. Most people avoid the dentist not just because of their fear of certain tools, but also due to the associated fees and expenses.

A dentist’s virtual presence will also be just as important as their offline reputation, so banking on good online reviews will be more relevant to your practice this year.


Healthcare companies and those in the private practice should think of new ways to engage more customers. How do you plan to improve your services in 2018?