Typical Services Offered Under Preventive Dentistry

Dentist drilling on a patients toothMost people are not so keen on their routine dental visit schedules. While some have a fear of the dentist’s chair and instruments, others see routine visits as a waste of their money. There are now solutions in place for these two reasons.

You can access affordable care from your dentist in Townsville through the bulk billing program. This insurance coverage pays your entire dentists’ fee; hence, you need not worry about costs. There are also various sedatives available at dentist offices to help patients with any apprehension to relax.

Here are a few preventive dental treatments you can now access during routine visits.

Fluoride Therapy

Weak teeth susceptible to decay and other dental issues are a consequence of fluoride deficiency. Fluoride therapy strengthens your enamel structure efficiently, making your teeth resistant to various problems. Fluoride will also re-mineralise and repair areas in which tooth decay has begun.

It is in the form of in-office varnish, tablets, mouth rinse, gel and foams.

Dental Cleaning

You might brush and floss your teeth daily, but professional cleanings are still essential. In this cleaning, your dentist will get rid of tartar and plaque build-up, which is still an issue even with daily brushing and flossing. He or she will also clean hard-to-reach areas and leave you with a dazzling bright smile.

Complete Oral Screening

Oral examinations are a crucial part of your general health. The dentist during a comprehensive oral screening will diagnose any conditions in their early stages and tailor solutions for them. These include missing or decayed teeth, signs of periodontal disease and breakdown of previous dental restorations if any.

The above preventive dental services play a huge role in your optimal oral health. They will save you on the costs and time for extensive dental procedures in future, which you would have otherwise prevented. Dentists recommend at least three routine dental visits annually for clients with no issues.