Triathlon Training: Finish the Race with Proper Technique

Triathlon Training in AuroraWhen you’re not skilled in swimming, you know how easy it is to lose your breath with just a few meters of freestyle or other types of strokes. It can be risky to just jump into a triathlon event, which involves more than just swimming.

Even if you think you have good endurance when it comes to cycling and running, the moment you’re in the water, it’s a different story. With this in mind, consider going through a triathlon training in Aurora before you sign up for the race.

Your Weak Points are Areas of Concern

Whether you’re aiming to win or you just want to finish the whole stretch, The Labs says it’s necessary to do things right in every respect. When you go through the needed training, you’ll know your weaknesses and improve on them.

As mentioned, the swimming portion is the one where most athletes have difficulty. So if you decide to get help from trainers, find someone who knows how to give the needed feedback. They should help you control your speed when you swim, so you have a better grasp of your energy use.

Awareness is Essential to Being Better

More than getting comments from your coach, it’s also nice if you can see your performance for yourself. It’s a good thing if the training facility can record your swimming methods, so you have a better idea where you need improvement.

As you will see, being a triathlete is a challenging thing. But if you’re able to manage finishing the race every once in a while, you’ll feel good about yourself. Of course, to get to that, you need to start preparing as early as now.