Top 8 Warning Signs That Might Mean You Need a Dental Filling

dental care serviceAlthough some individuals are born with strong teeth and a low risk of developing tooth decay, some are unfortunately not as lucky and might need dental fillings to mitigate further damage and prevent tooth decay. Even individuals who practice proper oral hygiene habits couldn’t escape various lifestyle and biological factors that could make their teeth vulnerable to tooth decay.

As cavities aren’t capable of repairing themselves, it’s best to know the warning signs that could indicate you need a dental filling. This way, you could address the issue before it’s too late. Prominent dentists in Markham, Ontario list some warning signs like the following:

  • You feel significant tooth sensitivity when you expose an affected tooth to cold or hot temperatures or sour, sticky, spicy, and sweet food.
  • You feel a sharp or throbbing pain in the affected tooth, especially when chew or bite down on food.
  • You could see a dark spot or pronounced hole in the affected tooth or feel it when you trace your tongue over it.
  • Food gets stuck between or on the affected tooth when you’re eating.
  • The dental floss tears when you’re flossing the affected tooth.
  • You see that an existing dental filling has been broken or cracked.
  • An existing tooth filling has completely worn away.
  • You have a fractured or chipped tooth.

Keep in mind that tooth decay could lead to more serious dental issues if you don’t address it as soon as possible. It’s also crucial to know that even if you don’t have any of the warning signs mentioned, you could still have cavities that might be tiny enough not to cause any symptom yet.

Tooth decay is also sneaky; you might not know you have it until it spreads to your tooth’s dentin layer and starts causing symptoms. With all these in mind, make sure to visit your dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.