Tips for Protecting Tooth Enamel in Children

Baby brushing his teethA significant concern for most parents is when to start brushing their kid’s teeth. Well, a good rule is to begin proper oral care as soon as your child develops teeth that are in contact with each other. Parents ought to pay close attention to their kid’s enamel because it is the first defense against cavities and plaque.

Have a Checkup

Unfortunately, parents overlook the importance of dental visits for their kids since they wait until their teeth develop cavities. Your kid needs to visit a pediatric dental clinic like Mahoney Family Dentistry by his or her first birthday. Besides, early preventative care will save you not only money but also your kid’s enamel in the long run.

Drink More Water

Water is an excellent tool in protecting the enamel of your kid’s teeth. Since water is not acidic, it protects the enamel against acid erosion. Also, drinking more water is essential in enhancing saliva production, which naturally gets rid of debris in teeth and restores the kid’s mouth back to a healthy ph balance. Therefore, parents ought to consider giving kids more water as opposed to sugary drinks.

Limit Citrus

Children need to avoid drinks and food with high citric acid levels because they erode the enamel through demineralization. Also, in severe cases of demineralization, acid finds its way to the soft layer of the teeth and damages the dentin, which causes pain and tooth sensitivity. Dentists recommend rinsing the mouth with clean water after consuming anything with high levels of citric acid.

Pediatric dentists specialize in ensuring good oral health for your young one’s teeth. Therefore, a pediatric dentist will access the condition of your kid’s tooth enamel and advise accordingly. With this knowledge, you can prevent tooth decay and spare your child from much pain.