Three Ways to Start 2018 with Less Stress

woman having spa treatmentIt’s the first month of the new year, and you’re already stressed. What can you do, when the holiday break meant coming back to a desk overflowing with tasks? Pause. Take a deep breath. It’s too early in the year to let stress get to you.

Here are three de-stressing choices that will not take from your work hours:

Day Spa

Nothing says relaxation quite like being pampered after a regular workday. And yes, you can schedule an appointment with a day spa in St. Petersburg, FL like Marilyn Monroe Spas to fit your working hours, so getting the timing right will not add to the stress. You can also use this as an opportunity to catch up with your best friend or a loved one, as there are spa packages available for two. Ask your day spa or check their website for these promotions.

Hair Treatment

There’s something about getting your hair done that is comforting and relaxing. A monthly trip to the salon for a hair treatment helps you feel good about your appearance, which boosts self-esteem. If you’re worried that this might cut into your budget too much, consider mimicking a salon environment at home. Lounge in a comfortable chair and let your sister, mother, or daughter apply hot oil on your hair. The quality time spent with them will make it even better than a regular salon visit.

Movie Night

If your day is swamped and you need to work overtime, a day spa or hair salon appointment might not be accommodated into your weekday schedule. But your night can be put to good use by inviting a special someone to bond over the latest DVDs you bought. It doesn’t take five minutes to prepare some popcorn. You can even mix your own cocktails and serve fancy snacks, pretending you’re at a fine-dining restaurant.

Going back to work after the holidays is always the hardest. Treat yourself to some de-stressing to face the year right.