This is How Strength Training Improves your Running

Training in AuroraIn general, runners come in two types: those who run to train and those who run for fun. Runners in the former group usually do strength training and cross training. They’re likewise healthier and stronger.

Individuals who run for fun, on the other hand, are more susceptible to injury. According to a professional triathlon training coach in Aurora, IL, you should take a more comprehensive and intensive approach to running if you really want to maximize your potential. This involves strength training. Why? Consider the following benefits.

More Muscle Equals More Calories Burned

Many studies indicate that strength training could enhance the composition of the body by assisting you in increasing or maintaining lean body mass as well as reducing your fat percentage, which in turn makes you appear leaner and helps in burning extra calories. Fat actually burns virtually nothing during rest, while muscle utilizes oxygen. When you boost your lean muscle mass, says you will increase your body’s capacity for using oxygen and burning significantly more calories.

Normally, the body uses approximately four to seven calories for every muscle pound, daily. This means that when a runner weighing 160 pounds with 20% body fat boosts their lean muscle mass and reduces their 20% body fat to 15%, they will be capable of burning between 30 to 50 calories at rest every day, just by increasing muscle mass.

Less Susceptible to Injury

Increasing strength also increases the stability of your joints, and reduces your risk of injury. Studies have shown that mixing in abdominal work, single leg hops, squats, and leg workouts into your daily workout routine not only enhances overall performance but also helps prevent injuries to the lower body. They’re especially great at strengthening muscles that surround your hips and knees, which are areas that are easily injured.

Maximized Efficiency

Strength training could aid you in running longer, faster, and more efficiently. Runners who’ve added resistance training for three days in their weekly workout plan increased their endurance and leg strength.

Naturally, you’ll be able to run longer and shed more calories when you have better endurance. Recovery from long runs is likewise faster, since strength training aids you in converting metabolic waste more efficiently into usable energy.