The Truth Behind Drug Addiction

Recovery Care FacilityBeing under the influence of drugs can strip away all things good in a person’s life. It’s an endless battle of longing for instant gratification that never gets satisfied. It initiates an imbalance in the mind and body that he can become a totally different person when he’s not sober. Most people put the blame on the addict without knowing the deeper meaning of it.

If you or a loved one has substance abuse disorder, these five truths should help you understand the situation better:

It’s a Disease

Most drug rehabs in Los Angeles consider addiction as a disease. By definition, a disease is something that messes up a person’s structure or function. This habit can affect a person and the people around them. That means it has causes, symptoms, treatments, and cures.

It’s Curable

Addiction is not cancer. This disease can be cured with the right medical and social help. And just like most diseases, curing addiction may take some time and once it’s cured, it’ll still leave a scar in the person’s emotional and mental abilities.

Family Plays a Big Role

No matter how families would deny it, they play a big role in their loved one’s addiction. Whether it’s a broken family or the lack thereof, the close relationships in a person’s life will affect both the beginning stage and the recovery of a drug addict.

So Does Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is one of the traits instilled during childhood. If a child was raised in a family who never gave him attention, when he grows up his low self-esteem may bring him to drug abuse just to get that attention back.

It’s a Life-Long Battle

If you or your loved one recover from drug addiction, it’ll be a constant battle. You may encounter it again during your sobriety. Fighting relapse is what you need to prepare for.

These five truths are intertwined to paint a picture of what drug addiction is and how it can be cured. The first step is accepting the disease, accepting the need for help, and asking for it.