The Right Time for Assisted Living

A smiling family watching using a laptop in a living roomMoving your parent into assisted living might be the key to keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. There are many professionals who have dedicated their energy and time to caring for those in assisted living.

Below are some red flags that indicate it’s time to consider assisted living for your loved one.

Social Withdrawal, Depression, and Loneliness

When a spouse passes on, the person left behind might feel depressed and lonely. They start withdrawing from their social connections and you might start noticing signs of depression. It is sad that depression is the most common illness among the elderly, and they might start having thoughts of suicide. If you notice this, it is wise to look for assisted living facilities in Florida that, according to Watermark of Gulf Breeze, allow them to live their life to the fullest.

Accidents and Medical Emergencies

If your loved one is having incidences at home, such as falls or other injuries they might sustain as they try to break a fall, this is a sign that they are having problems with mobility. Stiff joints, porous bones, and complications from diabetes can be the source of the problem. Being alone in the morning and late in the night increases the risk of falling. If you notice that they are incorrectly taking medication, this can also be a cause for concern.

Weight Loss and Neglect

When you start noticing significant weight loss, it’s a sign that they are having trouble preparing their own meals. They end up eating very little or nothing at all. Patterns like this could result in malnutrition, decreased strength for the day, and weight loss. If you notice a strange body odor, it could be a sign that they are not able to bathe themselves properly.

There are other signs that your loved one needs professional care to address their health and safety concerns. It’s also best to talk to them about what they feel, and if they feel they need assistance.