The Process of Dental Implant Surgery

Woman with new dental implants installedUnlike temporary orthodontic appliances such as dentures and bridges, dental implants are permanent fixtures plugged into the jawbone. These are improvements over dentures since they look and function like actual teeth. Patients who need a dental implant procedure in South Jordan need to schedule some time for this treatment since it takes six to eight months to be finished.

The Procedure

The dental implantation is a three-step process. The initial step is to place a metal rod into the jawbone. This entails preparing the jawbone to allow screwing in the metal rod. It may be necessary to have a bone graft to ensure that there’s adequate bone to hold the rod. Implants are not advisable for a patient at risk of infection.

After placing the rod, it’s covered with gum tissue and given time to integrate with the bone. The actual procedure of preparing and insertion can take several hours. The jawbone is allowed to heal with the rod integrating with the bone. Healing takes several months.

The next step is attaching the post extension to the rod. The rod is uncovered from gum to expose it to attach the post. In some instances, the dentist attaches the post to the rod during the initial stage.

In the third stage, the replacement tooth called the crown is placed on the post. Replacing more than one tooth takes several procedures. Keeping the implants clean is simple but important. Regular daily maintenance includes twice a day brushing and daily flossing.

The Requirements

Implants are not for everyone. They are not advisable for patients with chronic illness or immunosuppression, children, pregnant women, and those who clench their teeth. Patients who want to have an implant need to have a fully grown jawbone and have no health condition that can impede bone healing. They should also be willing to commit months for the procedure.

Implants are effective tools to replace natural teeth. Dentists screen their candidates for implants according to their oral health and gum issues.