The Power of Powerchairs

a man with an powerchairThe reasons someone may need a mobility aid are varied and wide-ranging: it may be a temporary fix due to injury or ill-health, or it could be part of preparation for, or recovery from, surgery. It could be a support for old age, or an integral part of someone’s life if they experience long-term mobility issues.

Beyond the reason why the aid is needed is the benefit the user wants it to bring: the freedom to take children to school or get and about to the local shops, the ability to get out into nature and live an active lifestyle, the chance to spend time playing with young grandchildren, of the relief of being able to relax and take it easy during a period of ill-health. Powerchairs are one way to bring all these benefits into someone’s life, and they are supplied by a good deal of mobility aid dealers in the UK, including Karma Mobility.

What are powerchairs?

A powerchair is a wheelchair that is propelled by a battery-powered motor. This means that the user doesn’t have to exert any effort to move the chair and can control its movements through the use of a joystick controller. There are different kinds of powerchair available: from foldable electric wheelchairs that fit neatly into a car boot, to rear wheel drive powered chairs that can handle rough terrain.

Many powerchairs will be supplied with a large battery. This gives the user even greater freedom because it means they can be out and about for long periods, without having to worry about the chair failing.

What’s included?

As well as the basic chair, many dealers will give customers the option to tailor it to their individual specifications. This means that whatever the size or shape of the user, they should be able to find a chair they feel at ease in for long periods of time that suits their particular needs. Added extras include tray tables, bags and cup holders, making the chair extra practical for those who like to get out and about.

Anyone who is considering buying a powerchair is advised to research the options online first, then visit a local stockist to give their chosen model a test run.