The power of cosmetic dentistry

A Smiling Woman

Nearly half of the population of the UK are unhappy with their teeth according to a survey carried out by the Oral Health Foundation. If you are one of those people, there may be something you can do to change your feelings about your smile. Cosmetic dentistry gives people the power to change aspects of their look that they may have previously thought were permanent.

When you talk to a dentist like Edinburgh Dental Specialists in Edinburgh, they will be able to recommend a range of possibilities to address the flaws you perceive. Cosmetic dentistry can change the colour, shape, size or position of your teeth to great effect.

Your smile – the centre of your look

So, why is your smile so important? It forms a central part of your look. Studies show that we are more likely to be attracted to symmetry when we look at someone’s face. The smile is a great place for creating that symmetry. Your dentist can help you make the adjustments you want using one or more treatments.

What is possible?

The possibilities of each treatment vary from patient to patient depending on the existing quality of your teeth. Once you have an appointment with your dentist, they can be more specific about what you can expect from your cosmetic dentistry.

Generally speaking, teeth whitening can be used to lighten your teeth by a number of shades. There are some stains that are resistant to whitening but your dentist will advise you about this upon examination.

Veneers are another good way to create uniform whiteness in your smile if you choose to get a significant number of your teeth covered by these thin, porcelain shells. They are crafted individually to fit your teeth. Veneers can also be used to cover chips and cracks as well as change the shape of your teeth slightly.

Cosmetic orthodontics are another popular option. Many of these treatments focus specifically on the teeth that are visible when you smile – sometimes called the ‘social six’. If you have a crooked tooth or two that you want to realign or a gap you wish to close, your dentist can help you choose a cosmetic orthodontics treatment that will work for you.