The Penetrating Problem with Oil Spills

Oil SpillsOil spills are catastrophic, and they are as bad as naturally occurring earthquakes and storms that are so strong they register a degree higher than the worst kind. The way oil spills corrupt everything is equal to how floods and strong winds destroy everything in their path. But, unlike the latter that leaves the aftermath and nothing else, cleared oil spills are not actually clear at all.

Take for example, all the oil spills in recent memory. California, Gulf of Mexico and BP all have undergoing cleaning projects. Yet, they may never truly remove the damage. It is already there, and by the time the hired vacuum truck services suck the last drop of crude from the sea, thousands of animals have already died. Maybe even millions die, along with their habitats and overall liveability of that part of the sea.

Dark Categories

The BP oil spill, apart from the biggest of its kind in the United States, is also the worst. The blown pipe introduced heavy crude oil to bodies of water around, all 16,000 miles of it. It is maybe the third-worst kind, as it blends with the water. Due to its nature and reaction on contacting water, decontaminating is very tricky. The Exxon Valdez situation is very similar to this one.

It is not even the worst kind. There are heavy and extra heavy oils still, which is so contagious it can affect creatures living on the seabed. The lighter categories may be easier to eliminate, but the chemicals in those situations are more fatal. Whatever the category is, all oil spills will leave residue and become a plague to the surrounding communities.

Possibility of Recovery

Hope is not lost, although it will be hard to see the light with all the blackness in oil spills. Right now, sucking the oil is an effective, albeit a slow process in eliminating crude of bodies of water. It is better than nothing, and as proven by the cleaning crew of the Deepwater Horizon, there are more ways than one when it comes to eliminating oil damage.

Tiny is the word for it, as scientists used billions of hydrocarbon chewing microbes to break down oil particles. It will make them easier to absorb, a vital addition to any oil spill clearance. But, make no mistake: there will be a lot of rebuilding if people are to put these disasters in the past.

Whatever the case is oil spills pose problems deeper than what they look like. Nevertheless, collective effort and innovation make it possible for these manufactured disasters to dissipate.