The Hundred-Day Ski Trip

Ski StuntWinter may be the most divisive of all the seasons. It offers people an opportunity to enjoy the snow, with all the cold, slippery, adrenaline-pumping activities its presence provides. For others, snowfall marks the time of year to sit back and unwind, since covered roads, houses and everything else leave them with no other choice. Most people spend their winters as an amalgam of both. Just most.

A Cold Commitment

Last year, Andrew Case spent all but two days of the winter season skiing. For his 30th birthday, he intends to shred the slopes for the winter’s full 130-day stretch.

To Case and many others, membership in the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s ‘100 Day Club’ is an earned privilege of the highest, coldest kind. It is a mark of their love for the sport and for the mountain, where congratulatory patches serve as mere secondary validation of turning what was supposed to be a holiday ski hobby into a complete lifestyle.

An Intrepid Day’s Start

 ‘It’s a commitment’, says Nick Londy, who has already passed the 120-day mark by his Jackson Hole News & Guide interview. ‘It definitely takes stamina and maybe a little luck’, he adds. Londy is among the few ‘100 Day Club’ members receiving an extra skiing day after the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort closes to the public, a free private breakfast at the Couloir, and of course the commemorative patch.

Diehard skiers like Case and Londy dedicate an entire portion of their days to fulfil their slope-shredding goals. Andrew Case starts every winter day at 9 a.m., when the ski lifts begin spinning. He would ski until the early afternoon, go home to shower and eat, before leaving for work. This rigid schedule means Case has to traverse down the mountain, regardless of how dangerous conditions on the slope may be.

Aspiring members of the ‘100 Day Club’ now have even longer windows to ski and snowboard, as the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort winter seasons become longer and longer with each passing year. ‘We’ve actually made it easier for people to join the 100 Day Club’, says Anna Cole, the resort’s communications manager. ‘They could take a whole month off’, she adds, referring to the first-ever 130 day-season skiers like Andrew Case are attempting to fill.