The Best Wedding Photos and Your Best Smile

Wedding Pictorial in Denver, ColoradoAre you scared you can’t smile properly for your wedding pictures? Don’t worry; Chandler Bing understands.

In the Friends episode The One with the Engagement Picture, Monica’s mom arranges for their wedding announcement to be put on the paper. To make everything look official, they also hired a professional photographer to take the photos. While Monica smiles confidently, Chandler grins like a hyena.

Despite the first failed shots, Monica encourages Chandler to channel his inner happiness. They try other looks (funny, sexy, normal) to no avail. In the end, because of Chandler’s smiling problem, Joey had to fill in for him.

Smiling Naturally Works

No one wants their friend to fill in for the groom in engagement or wedding photos. But like Chandler, you might be experiencing difficulty just smiling naturally.

One of Chandler’s problems was that all of his grins were forced, resulting in a creepy hyena look rather than a dashing groom. For Elati Wedding Photography, most wedding photographers in Denver prefer a wholehearted smile than a fake one. Genuine grins are seen in your eyes.

A Duchene smile is difficult to fake; when you force yourself, the eyes don’t smile. This type of smile occurs when you truly feel like flashing a Duchene grin. Remember, your eyes are telling of the sincerity of your smile.

Perfecting Ole Natural

Genuine smiles are difficult to fake. Help yourself by recalling good memories or the mere fact that you’re marrying the love of your life. Happy memories often help us smile better. Remember that you’ve waited long for this day; recall all the best moments that led to this.

Apart from good memories, practice also makes perfect. Get a better feel of your smile by standing in front of the mirror and practicing your smile, but focus more on your eyes. Play around with your smile a bit and see which looks suit you.

You need not be a Chandler Bing on your wedding day. By practicing your smile every now and then, you’re sure to nail the picture perfect smile.