The Battle Against Anorexia: How You Can Help Someone with an Eating Disorder

Eating DisorderAnorexia is a serious mental disorder. You need to proceed with caution in anything you say, as it may negatively contribute to the patient’s illness. Since it is a condition that affects the brain, you cannot expect a sufferer to think in the same way you do.

Your opinions on things may greatly differ from them. The downside for them is it can be destructive. You might be unconsciously sabotaging an anorexic person’s road to recovery with what you say.

Careful with your words to them

Words can easily bring down a person battling a serious mental disease. When an anorexic opens up to you about their condition, do not tell them they do not look like they have the disease. No matter what they currently look like, it is never a measurement of how bad the condition may already be. Insensitivity can bring a negative impact to their self-esteem and force them not to seek help from anyone. This is when anorexia becomes a fatal disease.

Careful with your words to others

You may not realize it, but simple opinions can mean great things to an anorexic person. You might just be watching the television and you begin commenting about the person’s looks negatively. Anorexia sufferers overhearing this may become more self-conscious and be ashamed to ask you for help. These negative comments may not be directed at them, but they can easily misinterpret them due to their state of mind.

When they choose to tell you about their problem, it means you are in the best position to be of help. They chose you because they found you trustworthy. Do not judge them and treat their plea for help seriously. The only way you can really help them is to take them to the nearest eating disorder treatment centers.

For starters, know what to never say to a person with an eating disorder. Find a good doctor for them and walk with them through. Sometimes, all they really need is someone to understand them and be with them during this time in their life.