Soda is Not a Substitute for Water

A woman flossing her teethWhile it is important to make sure that your kids brush their teeth twice a day, you should also be mindful of the beverages they consume. Sodas are popular drinks that appeal to both kids and adults. The problem is they contain sugar and acid, which can contribute to decay and enamel erosion. Sugar-free sodas are not entirely safe, as they also contain acid that can cause teeth problems.

The sad part is the consumption of soda and other sugar-laden beverages have increased over the years. They have become a part of daily habits for many kids, teenagers, and young adults. Frequent consumption of these drinks is of one the main causes of tooth decay. Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist and other pediatric dentists in Cottonwood Heights note that this makes it important to avoid soda or consume it in moderation.

Quit or Drink in Moderation

Quitting soda is good for the most part, but drinking it occasionally or in moderation is not entirely harmful. If you or your kids, however, substitute acidic or sugar sugary beverages for water, it can harm your teeth and overall health in the long run. This is especially true if you drink soda every day or eat your meals with soda afterwards.

How Soda Harms the Teeth

Soda attacks your teeth, with the sugar combining with bacteria in the mouth to create acid. Sugar-free or drinks also have their own acid, which can damage your pearly whites. An acid attack can last for about 20 minutes and this will start all over again with every sip you take. Kids are most vulnerable to acid attacks and decay because their tooth enamel is still developing.

Avoid Soda-Related Problems

The good news is you and your kids can avoid enamel erosion, decay, and other associated problems that go with drinking soda, iced tea, artificial fruit juice, and other sweetened beverage. It is best to limit your consumption, brush, and floss every day. Seeing the dentist at least twice a year is also beneficial in reducing the risk for tooth decay and other dental health problems.

You and your whole family can stay hydrated the right way with water. This beverage is the best choice for your health, as it contains no sugar and calories. It can also keep your teeth strong and your mouth moist and clean.