Ski Fitness Basics: Perform These Pre-Ski Workout Exercises

Ski FitnessThose who exercise in the gym know the importance of a good warm-up. The same holds true for skiers.

Before hitting the slopes, it is important to condition the body by performing pre-ski workout exercises. They can be done inside a ski resort with gym facilities.

Skiers looking to avoid the “everything hurts!” feeling associated with the long hours of skiing should perform these three suggested workouts:

Romanian Deadlift

This exercise works out the hamstring region. A conditioned hamstring prevents ACL injuries, which are common in skiing. Skiers who continuously work out their hamstrings can eventually stabilise their knee joints and minimise injuries.

For skiers to perform this workout, they need an 80-pound dumbbell. To lift the dumbbell, they need to bend their knees slightly while making sure that the back is completely straight. Once in position, they lean forward and lift the dumbbell slowly.

The suggested routine for this exercise is 4 sets of 8. Additional dumbbell weights may be added to increase the intensity of the workout.

Medicine Ball Pump Squat

This exercise builds endurance in the glutes, the lower back and the quadriceps. To perform this exercise, skiers need to hug a medicine ball on their chest. Afterwards, they need to assume a squat position and perform short pump squats.

3 sets per minute is the suggested routine for this workout. Ideally, they should start with a 15-pound ball but they can choose to work with heavier medicine balls to intensify the workout.

Squat Jump

This exercise develops the glutes and the quads necessary for skiers to increase ski speed. After squatting, skiers would jump as high as possible. To prevent injury, they need to land softly on their feet. The suggested routine for this workout is 4 sets of 4.

Skiers who skip these workout exercises may risk tiring themselves out after skiing an hour. These exercises build strength and endurance needed when hitting the slopes for the entire day.