Saving a Knocked Out Tooth in 4 Steps

Dentist pulling a tooth from patientA knocked out tooth does not mean you will be living with missing tooth forever. It can be saved if you act fast. Here are facts about a knocked out tooth and steps you can do to save it.

Facts on Knocked Out Tooth

You can increase the chances of saving a knocked out tooth when you know these things.

  • You have better chances of saving the tooth when you act within the 30-minute period from the time of the accident.
  • The tooth can still be saved even after 30 minutes from the time it was knocked out but with proper handling.
  • Touching the tooth on its root damages the nerve endings and tissues, and significantly lowers the chance of it being saved.
  • The tooth must be cleaned and kept moist until you arrive at the dentist.
  • The average recovery time is 3 to 4 weeks if there is no bone fracture involved.

Steps to Save a Knocked Out Tooth

1. Clean

Pick up the tooth on its chewing surface very carefully and wash it with milk or water for 10 seconds or less. Do not touch, rub or wipe the root. Keep it moist at all times.

2. Put it back to the socket

In most cases, the tooth can easily be inserted back into its place. When you have this done, slightly bite the tooth to ensure it stays in place. You should not attempt to force the tooth back to its socket, though.

3. If it can’t be inserted back into the socket…

Keep the tooth moist by storing it in milk or water, or you can simply store it in your mouth, between your cheek and gums.

4. See the dentist immediately

Remember, you will have higher chances of saving the tooth if you respond fast, so see a Tauranga emergency dentist right away. The dentist will temporarily attach the tooth to its nearby teeth so that it stays in place until it has fully recovered.

A knocked out tooth can still be saved if you know how to address the situation properly. Be calm, handle the tooth correctly, and head to the dentist immediately.