Salon-Bought Teeth Whitening Kits and Other Bad Practises

Teeth WhiteningThe desire to have brighter teeth is perfectly understandable and to some extent, safe. It only becomes harmful when people develop an unhealthy addiction or go to extreme lengths to have their teeth whitened.

Many people find professional whitening procedures costly, so they turn to DIY whitening kits easily bought from beauty salons. Whilst it is easy to give in to the temptation of budget-friendly bleaching sessions, they are a waste of money at best, and harmful at worst.

If you are looking for a whitening treatment, leave it to the dentist or hygienist, Edinburgh Dental Specialists recommends. Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have paved the way for safe and effective treatments worth paying for.

Dangers on the sly

DIY teeth whitening kits sold by rogue beauticians are one to avoid. They can have 300 times the allowed amount for hydrogen peroxide, which is like ‘brushing with bleach’. What is alarming is that they do whiten teeth to some degree, luring the trusting public to use them continuously.

Chlorine dioxide, a compound found in cheap bleachers as well as swimming pools, can eat away at the enamel, eroding the tooth and turning it brown. Others use five times of the prescribed amount of carbamide peroxide. While used in professional whitening, the excess makes the teeth over-sensitised.

Other myths in teeth whitening

Many myths revolve around teeth whitening. For one, lemons are ‘effective’ agents against teeth yellowing and used a whitening home remedy. Many dentists have dispelled the rumour since.

In truth, too much application of the citric acid leaves a harsh, corrosive effect that can permanently damage the tooth. On the other hand, the citric acid on strawberries decreases the strength of the teeth by up to 10%.

Dental care professionals strongly advise against these DIY remedies. They differ from salon treatments because they practise informed and proper use, in terms of chemical, amount, and manner of application. Following protocols and using laser technology, dentists provide safer and more reliable whitening solutions worthy of the price.