Retaining A Healthy Smile: 4 Benefits Of Bonded Retainers For Dental Patients

a retainerIt doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, a politician, or a student; everyone needs a healthy set of teeth. This is why dentists encourage patients to brush their teeth every day to avoid tooth decay. Still, some tooth conditions are unavoidable because you may have been born with. Examples of this are crooked smiles or cleft lips.

Dentists understand this, which is why they normally use tools like bonded lingual retainers for fixing teeth. Here are some basic facts about this dental appliance.

A Fixed Alternative

A bonded retainer, as opposed to your typical retainer, is fixed. It is non-removable, which makes it more effective in preserving the correction arranged by the dentist during a prior surgery. This results in a more accurate placement of teeth compared to those that use removable retainers.

No Speech Interference

Once a bonded retainer is put in the teeth, it will stay there for a long period. Because you won’t have to feel the frequent sensation of having to remove and put it back again, the bonded retainer will feel like part of your teeth or mouth. This makes you speak more naturally, as opposed to speaking with removable retainers on.

Fewer Chances Of Loss And Breakage

Because bonded retainers just remain in one’s teeth or mouth, there are fewer chances for them to get lost or broken. Removable retainers that get stolen or broken cost a lot so opting for bonded types should be for you if you don’t want to risk it.

Invisible Placements

Lastly, bonded retainers are less noticeable than removable varieties. It’s because they are placed behind the teeth, whereas removable retainers have wires that are placed in front of the teeth.

Retaining A Healthy Smile

To conclude, every person needs a good set of teeth, regardless of occupation or social status. This is why dentists exist to take care of patients who have problematic teeth or mouth conditions, be it inherited or acquired from injuries. Dental appliances like bonded retainers help restore smiles and make teeth healthy again.