Reminders for Making Succulent Steaks Everyone Loves

Great quality meat of the best cuts is a promising start to preparing a steak, but cooking it the wrong way or carelessly can ruin what would have been a succulent piece. Even restaurants get a few things wrong on a busy day. So, here is a collection of cooking mishaps that you wouldn’t want to repeat:

Failing to remove excess moisture before cooking

Steam should not be a part of the cooking process because this can lead to overcooking. Restaurant staff must always be reminded to blot the raw meat with a paper towel before applying heat. The best meats used by high-end steakhouses have been dry-aged for several weeks.

Cooking without a meat thermometer

Experience can replace a meat thermometer; that much is true. From rare to well done, there will be a difference in the amount of pink color at the center. Chefs can also check whether the meat springs back when the surface is given a little push. Muscle memory, thanks to long years of making great steaks, will render tools unnecessary. But if you’re going for standard quality, use this simple gadget for checking the temperature and you can’t go wrong.

Slicing too soon

Taking the steak out of the heat, a good chef would let it rest for five minutes just to keep the juices in a bit longer. Serving and cutting too soon would be a mistake.

Picking out the wrong food partners

The perfect meal is a singular experience with little parts that go well together. To create that great meal experience, check out these delicious side dishes traditionally paired with steaks on BBC’s Good Food. To save time and still retain standard quality, you can buy easy-to-whip-up steak au jus sauce from reliable food suppliers. It would also be more economical for preparing big volumes.

People love steaks, the ultimate treat to celebrate extraordinary days. Make yours perfect from all angles – from meat to sides to sauce.