Regain Your Mobility With Stem Cell Knee Repair

Doctor Wrapping a Patient's Leg with BandageMany factors lead up to many people struggling with joint diseases. It causes them great discomfort in addition to lowering the quality of life by making it difficult to engage in daily activities.

For many people, mobility can be a challenge when they reach middle age. You are not as flexible and as agile as before, and there are many issues with your joints and muscles. For many people, these aches and pains start with their legs and knees. Fortunately, medical advancements and research has made stem cell knee repair possible.

Poor Habits, Strenuous Activities

People in good health often overlook the convenience that comes with the ability to move between places without enduring pain. Poor diet, obesity, poor choice of footwear, poor posture, and strenuous exercise are some of the factors that could lead to painful knee joints.

Knee Pain

The knee joint comprises two long bones separated by two discs connected by tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Each of these bones has cartilage to ensure smooth movement and to absorb shock as you walk, run or jump. As you age, the cartilage in your knees thins out, becoming less effective in protecting your joint. As the shock absorbers thin out and bones start rubbing against each other, you start to experience pain and stiffness in the knee joints. In severe cases, movement becomes extremely painful if not impossible.

Alleviate Knee Pain

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, you can walk normally even after suffering from stiff knees. Stem cell knee repair is a minimally invasive procedure that’s proving quite effective in treating degenerative knee disease.

You don’t have to suffer when the signs of joint aches start to appear. Consult with your doctor to know your options and assess what you need to live a normal life again.