Qualities Effective Veterinary Promotional Items Have in Common

Veterinarian and pet owner discussingIn America, 8 out of 10 consumers have about 1–10 promotional items. About 89% percent of them would continue remembering the advertiser after receiving the product. Regardless of the nature of a business, every company needs to invest in at least one form of promotional memento.

Veterinary practices are not an exception. However, it’s never enough to put your logo on your promotional items to make your brand memorable. Without putting a lot of thought into their design, the recipient might just throw it away.

If you’re running a pet clinic, the following are the qualities your custom veterinary promotional products must have:


Knowing the needs of your prospective client is paramount. You can’t do it without profiling your target demographics. Apart from the love of a certain kind of animal, the age, gender, and profession of your target market must be clear to you.

Otherwise, you risk giving them something they won’t appreciate. While most people share many wants and needs, understanding what makes your clientele unique is of utmost importance.


The last thing you want is for your promotional products to end up storage or the trash bin. It must be a constant reminder of your brand, so it must be visible at all possible time. This is why about 31% of consumers in the US owns a promotional bag.

Most people use a bag for groceries and carry it in different places, organically expanding the visibility of the brand. Your promotional item must be useful on a regular basis or must at least be suitable for display.


In most cases, how effective your promotional item is as good as its lifespan. If it gets worn out quickly, so does its marketing power. Not all materials are best for all purposes, so choose wisely.

Not promotional product suppliers specialize in your business. Pick the one that knows veterinary practices to customize your items with excellence.