Protect and Support: Concussions and Student Athletes

College football player having senior doctor review his concussion injuryYou may think that only professional athletes, particularly NFL athletes, receive concussions, but research shows that student-athletes can suffer from them as well. The research from Boston University showed that 87 percent of brains the scientists studied had CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).

CTE – a degenerative disease eating away at concussed brains – can cause memory loss, impulsivity, and even substance abuse.

What Can You Do?

For parents in Utah, what can you do to protect your child athlete? At the same time, what can you do if your child does receive a concussion?

From deep tissue massage in Salt Lake City – which you can get from institutions such as Jenna Baker LMT – to activism, you can do many things for the safety or recovery of your child.

Raise Your Voice

Parents of children presently free from concussions have developed great fears because of the threat of CTE as well as TBI (traumatic brain injury).

For the safety of their children and other student-athletes, some parents have taken to push the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) for clearer standards and guidelines that will reduce concussions. You can do the same for your child’s high school here in Utah.

Follow Medical Procedures

While legislation still has to catch up with the research, in the meantime, if your child does receive a concussion, you can first have a medical professional diagnose your child’s condition. After diagnosis, you can follow whatever treatments or aid physicians recommend.

At the same time, to ease your child back to school or play, you can follow Return to Play or Return to Learn protocols set in your child’s high school.

Subject Athlete to Holistic Methods

You can further support your child through many different programs such as holistic methods. These methods include yoga, deep tissue massage, even chiropractic care. Your child may be able to gain some control over his or her behavior and moods through these practices.

You can further research online to learn how to help a concussed student-athlete. As long as you provide immediate medical attention, your child can recover.