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Use of Personal Information

Our website automatically collects information from you, such as the date and time you visited our website, the browser you used, as well as your IP address and Internet Domain. We’d like to assure you that these information are harmless and will not compromise your online safety in any way.

We may also ask for certain bits of personal information, but this is entirely optional and will only be used to determine if the articles we’re publishing are relevant to your interests. We’ll never disclose your information to other websites and third party entities.

External Links

You may notice that our writers may sometimes add external links to the articles we publish. We do this to provide you credible resources if ever you feel the need to look up additional information. We’d like to caution you when you visit these other websites as we have no control over how they use your private information. Please read up on their privacy policies before giving them any information as we won’t be held responsible for how they use it.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to our policy at any time. Please check this page regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for automatic updates.