Pass Like Jason Kidd: Improve Your Passing Skills

Passing skills trainingA good pass is when a player catches it at the right time and place, providing them with opportunities to keep the offense going or take a shot. A pass may reach the intended player, but if it is too hard or soft, it may give the defense time to react or prevent its receiver from making a play immediately. Passing is one of the pillars of basketball; learning and executing this play correctly is important to the success of your team.

Building Strength and Passing

Coaches at basketball training camps note that players need to develop strength and accuracy to become better passers. Two-ball passing practices like partner and machine gun passing, and pass and switch plays hone players’ skill and make them trust each other on the court. These drills also boost strength and speed, making it easier for players to make a play in an actual game.


Players need to understand proper spacing and not just the mechanics of a perfect pass. Players and some coaches overlook this aspect of the game, which may result in higher turnovers while playing. A player must know the right distance to deliver an on target pass. Knowing the right space enables them to determine how much force to use on a pass and the optima distance for an effective play. The shorter the pass, the lower the turnover rate and better execution, taking an extra dribble or two is important.

The Catch

Every pass needs to be on target, but players and coaches alike must also emphasize the catch. The receiving player must know where to stand to make the ideal catch, and at the position that keeps the offense flowing for an extra pass or a better shot.

The best passers, past or present, in the NBA know the basics and implement them. Once you master the fundamentals, you can start adding a wrinkle whether throwing it behind the back or between the legs.