Pair Intense Exercise with Active Recovery for Ultimate Fitness

Woman runningTo truly become fit or lose fat, you could enroll in a program offered by personal training studios for women such as Get In Shape For Women in Natick. Here, you could join like-minded women on a journey to transform your bodies and habits.

Personal training will require commitment as you might have to exercise more than three times a week. In spite of all the training and exercise you will do in the studio, however, you also have to employ active recovery outside the studio to give your body enough time to grow stronger.

1. Include Active Recovery in Your Fitness Plan

You might think the key to a fit body or weight loss lies in extreme and constant exercise, but it actually serves as only one component.

To achieve your fitness goals, you will also need good nutrition as well as active recovery practices that are just as important as exercising. Without active recovery, you could lose momentum in your exercising, leading to less progress.

2. Understand Active Recovery

Active recovery means simple activities that will keep you moving. After intense exercise, simple mobility will help you get through the subsequent muscle soreness and allow your muscles to recover and strengthen.

At the same time, active recovery can also generally refer to the days when you rest and recover from an intense workout.

3. Meditate or Walk

Your recovery days could be scheduled with various activities, such as meditation. Meditation allows your body to relax while improving your mind as well.

When you rather move, you can simply do light cardio throughout your day. During workdays, walking to your office or five-minute walking breaks can be enough to keep you moving.

4. Swim, Hike, or Cycle

When you can dedicate more time outside of work, swim. Swimming makes for great low-impact exercise, stretching your body and strengthening your joints. You improve your circulation as well.

Alternately, you can hike, cycle, or even rollerblade. These all can give you good cardio training without taxing your muscles too much.

Pair well-planned active recovery days with your intense training and you will definitely be on your way to a healthy life and fit body.