Orthodontics Options for Adults

dental braces - lingual braces, before and afterTraditionally, orthodontic treatment is associated with children and teenagers. To most people the word “orthodontics” still conjures up images of traditional metal braces, even of headgear, worn by ourselves or our peers during the school and college years.

However, there are now increasing numbers of adults seeking out orthodontic solutions to problems that have caused them to hide their smile all of their lives. Unsurprisingly, they are demanding subtler solutions than obvious metal braces. That’s why Weybridge Orthodontics is proud to offer a large range of discreet tooth straightening appliances.

Straightening your teeth at any age, whether using a traditional or cosmetic appliance, will help to improve your dental hygiene because they make it easier to keep your teeth clean. Gappy, crooked, or crowded teeth can be a breeding ground for bacteria, because there can be areas that are nigh-on impossible to clean properly at home, even if you have an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Not being able to keep your teeth clean can cause gum disease and dental decay, both of which are leading causes of tooth loss, and can play a role in other, serious health complaints.

Fixed or removable appliances?

Many people are still surprised to learn that modern orthodontic treatment needn’t just avoid metal braces, but in many cases can eschew the need for braces at all by using clear, removable appliances.

Only a fully qualified orthodontist can decide which is the best type of treatment to suit an individual patient’s needs, so you will need to have a thorough consultation before your treatment planning begins. If you have a particular preference for a type of appliance – for example, if you are a wind or brass musician playing regularly and think a removable aligner would be best – you should mention this at your consultation. Your orthodontist will try to accommodate you, although the final decision will always come down to your clinical need.

Types of adult orthodontic appliances include:

Lingual braces – These act in the same way as regular braces, but are fitted to the rear surfaces of the teeth.

Tooth-coloured braces – Comprising clear and tooth-coloured parts, these braces can be discreet versions of standard metal braces, or can be rapid-acting cosmetic appliances.

Clear aligners – Popular removable aligners include the Inman Aligner and Invisalign. Each is suited to different clinical situations.