More Than Medicine: Healing the Soul Does Wonders When Undergoing Drug Addiction Treatment

Overcoming Drug AddictionThere are countless of stories of people who tend to respond to human touch more than medications. This only depicts the innermost healing power of the soul. This does not only pertain to people suffering from diseases in hospitals; it’s also true in people addicted to alcohol and substances. Yes, their treatment shouldn’t only focus on medications and therapy, but should include an aspect that touches the soul.

Medication and Therapy

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, those who seek treatment have the ability to quit drugs. Through the right medication and therapy, drug-dependent individuals can make the necessary changes in their lives and say goodbye to substances for good. There is a catch, though. It’s not an easy feat. The willingness to change and not go into a relapse would have to come from within. It will be the heart and soul that will make them quit for good.

Heart and Soul

When the healing process of an individual addicted to either drugs or alcohol involves treating the brokenness of the heart and soul, change may come easier. A number of drug addiction recovery programs in Farmington offer gospel-centered solutions that seek to instill a change of heart, so as to bring a complete and lifetime change instead of a temporary one.

Pain of Relapse

Aside from promoting total abstinence from drugs, what is sought to be prevented by this holistic drug treatment approach is a relapse. According to Summit Health Behavior, a relapse is the recurrence of something that has already been gone. In this case, touching the soul can help prevent relapses. It will now be the healed heart that will refuse to give in to the physical yearning for the prohibited substance.

The holistic approach of drug treatment is more than being ideal. It is an effective and proven way to help drug addicts break free from the chains of addiction. More than the pill or the therapy, it is the soul that receives healing, giving the addict better control and willpower to steer his life towards a positive change.