Mom & Dad are Back: Housing Your Aging Parents

familyNow that you’ve decided to take care of your elderly parents at your own home, it is best that your spouse, children and home are prepared for their arrival. Since your parents require a special kind of attention, you must not be caught off guard with whatever issues may arise.

Make Mom and Dad’s stay more comfortable. Here are some vital pointers for a smooth transition.

Coordinate with Home Health Care Professionals

Elderly in-home health care services in San Antonio is good for your home. It is one of the best ways to make sure your parents are care for without compromising your time for career and family. Since your immediate family may lack proper training in handling the elderly, hiring senior home health care services can provide experienced medical professionals and trained caregivers for your elderly loved ones.

Coordinate with Your Parents

This should be your first step in your preparations since your parents may have questions about the arrangement. Allow them to ask you questions and offer possible solutions regarding their queries. Update them with your house rules and other daily activities that happen in your household such visitors, schedules and chores. Try to reach an understanding between all parties involved to prevent possible unwanted conflict.

Prepare Your Place

Preparing for them to move in does not necessarily mean that you only have to physically and emotionally prepare yourself for additional members of the household. You also have to work on making your home senior-friendly so that your parents will live comfortably, despite their age and body’s limitations. To start, you can rearrange the furniture for easier mobility. Add handle bars and slip proof mats to strategic parts of the house. Also, see that their diets are considered when meals are being prepared.

Taking care of your parents requires adjustments in one’s life. More effort is required but the fact that you’re ensuring their comfort and protection is a reward in itself. However, keep in mind that this kind of arrangement requires the cooperation of each family member which will now include your parents.