Losing Weight Can Lead to Savings

Woman measuring her own waistMany obese and overweight individuals pursue weight loss to gain a better self-image and a boost to their self-confidence. Others seek weight loss for the sake of their health.

When you have tried to pursue weight loss for either of the two reasons above and have failed, you can try losing weight once again for the sake of your wallet this time by visiting a medical weight loss center in San Juan Capistrano such as Premier Medical Weight Loss.

Research has found that weight loss can lead to significant savings, no matter your age.

Weight Loss Savings

A study from Johns Hopkins University researchers analyzed the financial effects of physical changes, particularly the change from obese to overweight and obese to a healthy weight. The researchers used a computational simulation model for the study.

The model represented the adult population of the United States at ages 20 to 80.

Savings at 20

Their research revealed that you could save as much as $17,655 in your lifetime if you successfully meet the overweight classification down from the obese category at the age of 20. Losing weight further until you achieve a healthy weight, on the other hand, can save you $28,020.

These savings would come from medical costs and productivity losses if you remained obese.

Savings at Older Ages

For older adults, the savings can be greater. A 40-year-old can save around $18,262 when becoming overweight. He or she can also save $31,447 when achieving a healthy weight. These savings peak at age 50 during which you can save roughly $36,000 when achieving a healthy weight.

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

With all the information above, you can push yourself to lose weight for the sake of possible savings in your lifetime. You can use those thousands of dollars for many things such as home remodels, investments, and more.

Losing weight becomes even more critical at older ages since obesity coupled with aging can make health problems more complicated.

When traditional means of losing weight have had no effect on you, you can visit a medical weight loss center. Medical weight loss uses clinically proven methods of losing weight.