Keep Wrinkles from Ruining Your Life with 2 Smart Moves

wrinklesWhile everyone appreciates a chance to live longer, the appearance of creases and crow’s feet on the skin puts a damper on it. If this development is making you a tad self-conscious, you have the power to contain the damage, explains a reputable aesthetic doctor in Singapore.

Limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun is the most fundamental step in preventing wrinkles. Sun damage, compounded by other environmental factors is responsible for most wrinkles on the face. Year of repetitive muscle movements and the genetic makeup is responsible for the rest of the creases.

Don’t Leave Home Without Sunscreen

Ideally, you should guard your skin against sun damage from childhood but it is never too late to start. Constant exposure to the sun breaks down elastin tissue and collagen in the skin. These two components keep the skin plaint and supple.

While the body can repair some of the damage, the repair mechanism falters by the time you’re a late teen or in early 20’s. Having some sunscreen on whenever you venture outdoors retards further damage and keeps your skin glowing. Just be sure to pick one that offers protection from the deadly UVA radiation.

Don’t Try All Anti-Wrinkle Products

Once people become conscious about their wrinkles and creases, they often embark on a zealous anti-wrinkle campaign. Although there are many products on the market that promise magical results, much of the results are short-lived.

Worse still, some cosmetic products may contain harmful chemicals that may further damage your skin. Instead of swallowing every marketing gimmick on TV, seek advice from a professional.

Other than recommending the most incredible products, aesthetic doctors are skilled in many minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and microdermabrasion offer better results than many over the counter creams.

The appearance of wrinkles on your once smooth skin can throw a spanner in the works. Instead of reacting explosively, consider the available options carefully and pick ones with lasting results.