Just Keep Brushing: Bacteria in the Mouth Linked to Colorectal Cancer

Lone Tree News: Brush Your Teeth Regularly to Avoid Bowel CancerIt’s a known fact that your dental health affects your overall health. Most of the time, the illnesses associated with dental health problems are fatal, as it ranges from heart disease to mouth and throat – even pancreatic – cancers.

In recent years, researchers found a link between oral health and colorectal or bowel cancer. Willow Creek Dental shares valuable information on how brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining good dental health reduces the risk of the development of this type of cancer.

Colorectal Cancer in the United States

The third most common cancer, not including skin cancers, suffered by men and women is colorectal cancer. Currently, there are 95,270 and 39,220 new cases of colon and rectal cancer, respectively.

There will be 49,190 deaths this year, as expected by the American Cancer Society.

A decrease in the death rate may have been apparent recently, but still, not many people undergo screening for colorectal cancer.

How Bacteria in the Mouth May Trigger Colorectal Cancer

Independent studies conducted by Harvard and Case Western Reserve University found that a gum disease-causing microbe can have a lethal adverse effect. Human colon biopsies revealed that Fusobacteria – a family of microbes that usually start in the mouth – is to blame for the growth and development of cancer cells. The bacterium worsens gum disease because it causes various bacteria to stick to the gums and eat away at it, which causes inflammation, resulting in the loosening of the teeth. 

As aforementioned, these start in the mouth and are commonly associated with gum disease, but they can travel to as far as the intestinal tract. The bacteria contains a protein, which allows it to stick to sugar molecules that develop into benign growths (polyps) in the intestinal lining, but can become malignant, creating an onset of cells that may lead to colorectal cancer.

Although there’s a constant reminder, some people still tend to forget maintaining oral hygiene – even with the risks already laid out for them. This carelessness is what could cost you your health, so remember to brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly to prevent the development of these diseases.