Is Depression Hurting Your Relationship? Find out How

A man trying to support his depressed partner Depression is an illness that affects a person’s feelings and thoughts negatively. It takes away their energy, confidence, interest and motivation to do anything. However, this doesn’t only affect the person dealing with it. LifeCraft Counseling LLC and other experts specializing in counseling services in Denver say that it may also cause a relationship to erode or even end.

Here’s how you determine if depression is affecting your relationship or someone you know.

Hopelessness About the Relationship

Depressed people often feel a sense of hopelessness and start to have suicidal thoughts. Cognitive distortion associated with depression may be manipulating the thoughts of a person dealing with this mental ailment. They begin to believe that their future together is hopeless and there is no way it will get better.

Lack of Energy or Motivation to Engage in Activities

Another sign to look out is the lack of interest and energy to engage in activities that one did as a couple. This disengagement is a sign of depression negatively affecting a relationship. Depressed people doubt themselves, lose confidence, and have a general lack of motivation to do anything.

Emotions Become the Enemy

Many people have difficulties dealing with negative emotions. A depressed person has much more difficult time. They feel overwhelmed by their emotions, causing them to turn inward and shut them down. They begin to think about a problem repeatedly, deny it, or become self-critical.

Little to No Sex Life

More than 50% of people dealing with depression report that they lack sex drive. It is normal for desires to come and go in a relationship or an individual. However, a long-term lack may be a sign of depression. This may be a manifestation of caused associated with depression. These may include shame about intercourse, anxiety about sexual performance, poor self-confidence, hidden resentment and others.

When you notice any of these, whether it’s you or someone you know, seek help and build a strong support group. Doing so brings one out of their shell and avoid the problems of looking inward to completely avoiding dealing with it.