Improve Overall Health with Braces

Dental care providers in BoiseDentists usually recommend braces to fix the appearance of abnormally positioned teeth. Apart from straightening misaligned choppers, it can also correct other issues such as underbites, overbites, and incorrect jaw position. The best part is, it can boost your confidence and improve your overall health.

If you have orthodontic problems, braces can fix them. Dentists and emergency dental care providers in Boise share how this dental appliance can give you a winning smile and improve your overall health.

Better Oral Hygiene

Crooked and misaligned teeth are difficult to clean, as the food particles usually get trapped in between. This results in plaque buildup that can eventually lead to tooth decay. With braces, however, crooked teeth are gradually moved in the right position, promoting easier brushing and flossing. Invisalign or clear braces are a great choice, as they are virtually unnoticeable and removable.

Defense to Gum Disease

Crowded or widely gapped teeth can trap more bacteria, resulting in red and swollen gums. These are the first signs of gum disease, accompanied by bad breath and bleeding gums. Properly aligned teeth, however, allow the gums to fit more securely around the teeth. This then provides you the healthiest defense against oral and gum problems. Braces straighten the teeth and promote healthier teeth and gums.

Less Injury or Damage

Properly aligned teeth are less prone to damage or injury. In the event of an accident, misaligned or crowded upper teeth are more likely to be broken or traumatized. When the pearly whites are aligned, however, there is a much lower chance of being broken of fractured. Orthodontic treatment like braces helps avoid injury or additional damage to your natural teeth.

The look and state your teeth can reveal things about your overall health. Having healthy and strong choppers means that you also take good care of your body. Properly positioned teeth can alleviate other issues caused by jaw problems or improper bite. Braces aim to address many dental issues to improve both your oral and overall health.