Immune System: Can You Really Boost it?

A doctor prescribing healthy foodWhile your immune system can defend you against disease-causing bacteria and microorganisms, it can also fail you sometimes. This is why you get sick or catch a cold or flu. This then raises the issue of whether or not you can boost your immune system. You may probably wonder if eating a lot of healthy foods and taking supplements can improve your defenses against certain diseases.

It is important to note that your immune system is not a single unit. As its names suggest, it is a complex system that requires harmony and balance to work well. It incorporates different organs, cells, and biological functions. This is why the ability to optimize immunity remains unclear. A healthy lifestyle, however, can keep your body and immune system strong and healthy.

Family physicians in Vancouver, BC share a few strategies that can benefit your body and immunity:

  • Fill your diet with fruits and vegetables. They are a great source vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to fill your body with essential nutrients.
  • Get enough sleep. The right amount of sleep allows your body to rest and repair cells. Lack of sleep, meanwhile, makes you prone to infections and certain diseases. The ideal number is seven to eight hours at night.
  • Avoid or quit smoking. This habit harms your heart, mouth, skin, and body. Tobacco or nicotine, furthermore, negatively affects cells and antibodies, which can then weaken your immune system. Never start smoking. If you’re in the habit of it, get help to quit.
  • Get moving. Research suggests that people who engage in regular physical activity are less susceptible to catching colds and flu, as well as other infections.

Many products and supplements today claim to improve your immunity. There are, however, issues with such claims, as there are no proven ways to boost your immune system. They may also do more harm than good, especially when boosting the number of cells in the body. Trying to boost your cells is complicated, as there are various cells in the immune system that respond to different microbes.