I Love My Baby, Not My Body: Body Image During Pregnancy

PregnancyPregnancy triggers a jumble of emotions. The thought of welcoming your little bundle of joy to the world conjures feelings of happiness, but the sight of stretch marks and varicose veins may get you down.

Body image is a major concern for women, and the issue is often highlighted over the course of pregnancy. For some, the changes are miraculous signs of their body accommodating their bundle of joy. Others have anxiety as they take in the sight of their figure, which often results in worries and insecurities.

Loving your body during pregnancy can be tough. Apart from feeling large, you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever get your body back in shape. Still, acceptance is key in helping you feel good despite the changes.

It’s All about the Baby

When you are feeling down, think about the little person inside of you. There’s more to pregnancy than just a growing belly — it’s also about a growing baby.

Instead of worrying about your figure, focus on the purpose behind the changes. Just think of it this way: “It’s not my life, it’s our life.” Remind yourself that your body is changing to accommodate your baby’s needs. It’s a natural process — one that you are blessed to experience.

There is Still Hope

Who says you can’t get your old body back? Just because you’re pregnant now, doesn’t mean that your body will stay like that forever. Stop thinking about your growing belly or stretch marks — your body will adjust accordingly after you give birth.

There are also some things you can do during recovery. For example, you can address varicose veins by consulting with specialists such as DavisSurgicalAssociates.com. You can also regain your figure with regular exercise routines and a strict diet plan.

Celebrate your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the license you need to pamper yourself. Rather than wallow about your body, go out and enjoy. Ease some of the discomfort by treating yourself to a massage or a spa date with the girls.

Also, don’t deny your new curves. Rather than hiding your post-maternity bump, be proud and flaunt it. Invest in some well-fitting maternity clothes that flatter your bump and also your cleavage. When you see yourself as a hot mother-to-be, others will see it, too.

A positive body image during pregnancy can be tough, but it’s not impossible. With a positive attitude, you can overcome body issues related to your pregnancy or not.