How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin The Non-Invasive Way

double chinPlenty of people, men and women alike, are bothered by the appearance of their double chins. Many try to hide them behind scarves and turtlenecks, and some even Photoshop their double chins out of their selfies. Recent advancements in cosmetic surgery, however, have provided non-invasive treatment options for eliminating double chins. These treatment options include the following:

Kybella Injections

Kybella injections contain a substance that effectively damages fat. Your doctor would first apply topical or local anesthesia and then graft 10 or more injection sites in the target areas. Expect to feel slight discomfort at first, and some redness, pain, and swelling for several days to a week. The results are gradual and would be noticed in four to six weeks, says a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Utah.

Cool Mini

Also known as cool sculpting, this procedure involves the use of a handheld instrument that is placed directly on your double chin to cool the fat cells near freezing point. This would effectively damage the fat cells so that your body would absorb, metabolize, and expel them. You could expect to see full results in a month or two, and you could opt to have it repeat sessions for better effects.

Velashape III

Velashape III is a treatment that’s originally approved for cellulite that has also been approved for reducing the appearance of a double chin. This treatment option delivers heat to melt at cells in the layers of the skin just underneath the surface. This results in a smaller, smoother, and tighter skin texture.

Near-Infrared or NIR Skin Tightening

Proper levels of infrared light waves, when applied to the double chin, could achieve exceptional results and aid you in losing that extra chin. This works because applying heat to the skin’s deeper layers while keeping its upper layers cool could effectively renew the collagen underneath the skin’s surface layers.

It’s vital to note that the best treatment option for you would depend on various factors. These include your age, overall health, your budget, the severity of your double chin, and desired results. Consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options.