How to Achieve Facial Symmetry

Corrective facial surgeryFacial asymmetry is said to make a person appear sad, less emotionally balanced, and less healthy. Thankfully, several different approaches can help you solve this problem. If you want to achieve a symmetrical face, the following tips will be able to give you that balance you’re looking for:

Undergo a rhinoplasty

Many are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose, whether it is overly large or has wide nostrils. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose lift or nose job, is a surgery on the nose to change its shape. It helps in balancing out the different features of the face. Aesthetic surgical services providers like Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills say rhinoplasty is not only for those who want to have a more balanced face but also those seeking to improve the function of their nose.

Use side parts for your hair

Side parts have been proven to be good tricks that fool the eyes into thinking that your face is symmetrical. You can do this easily by using a pick comb. Pick the side of your face with the larger features and neatly part the hair off to this side. This technique can even put some sense of angles to round faces.

Grow out your bangs

Having bangs may not be your first choice of hairstyle. However, if your problem is an uneven forehead, bangs can have an almost magical effect. Cut a set of feathery bangs that hit at or almost your eyebrows.

Do facial stretches

Facial exercises are just as useful in improving the symmetry of the face as surgical procedures, grooming and other solutions. Through the muscles located on the upper lip, pull your upper lip down over the bottom lip. Do this while trying to elongate your face, looking up.

There is no one approach to make the face look more symmetrical. What it takes is a smart combination of these different ways for you to be successful.