How Rings Became Part of Marriage Proposals

Marriage ProposalPeople offer an engagement ring from Utah when they propose marriage. But why a ring? Why not use something else to ask for someone’s hand in marriage?

Have you ever wondered how the custom of giving rings started? Here’s how rings have become a central part of marriage proposals.

How the Ring Came to Be

In Roman times, men used a ring to show love and devotion to their wives. The wives would wear the ring attached to small keys. The Ancient Egyptians also gifted rings to symbolize eternity. They wore it on the fourth finger on the left hand. They believed that a vein connects the finger to the heart. From these ancient practices, the use of a ring to signify marriage evolved.

The first recorded use of a diamond ring for engagement was by Archduke Maximillan of Austria. He gave the ring to and married Mary of Burgundy. This started the craze of diamond engagement rings among the Victorian nobles.

Diamonds in Rings

Diamonds used to be exclusive to the upper classes. But when De Beers mines in Africa opened, diamonds became more accessible. In 1947, De Beers preyed on the idea that marriage is eternal. They began marketing diamond rings with the slogan “A Diamond is Forever.” It came with photos of celebrities wearing diamonds. It then caught the attention of many Americans. Diamonds came to signify a man’s devotion and love for a woman. Now, jewelry stores are everywhere in Utah. They cater to anyone who plans to pop the question.

Some might think that diamond rings are too expensive. This may be true. But a diamond ring is a worth investment for a person you will spend the rest of your life with. It is a symbol of an everlasting commitment to the person that you love.