How Exercise Benefits Senior Adults Recovering From Disability

Basic Exercises in Gulf BreezeIn a 2016 study, researchers found that senior adults who exercised regularly had 13 percent lesser chances of suffering from physical ability. But that’s not all. They also found that active senior adults had higher chances of recovering from disability by one-third.

Even in old age, it’s not too late to maximize the benefits of exercise, a specialist from Watermark of Gulf Breeze believes. Here are some simple physical exercises seniors can do at home or in assisted living facilities.


It’s a fun way to burn calories and lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Plus, the music will keep you from focusing on the time you already spent. For beginners, even a five-minute aerobic session done three times a week can help you kick start your exercise regimen.

Easy weight lighting

You don’t have to lift barbells and kettlebells right away. Start with light dumbbells. The important thing is that you keep observe proper posture and finish the set before trying to lift heavier weights. This is already quite popular in some assisted living facility in Florida and other states. It’s a challenging workout for seniors who are serious about keeping fit even in old age.


Squats are great for keeping the knees healthy. Squats or any form of assisted squats are good, especially if they’re concerned about balancing themselves. Once assisted squats become easy, light weights can be introduced to make the exercise even more challenging.

Brisk Walking

Walking is perhaps the easiest way to stay fit in old age. But walking shouldn’t be limited to errands. Allot time to really make walking a workout. If you have a dog in your household, a quick trip to the park can double as exercise.

Enjoy The Golden Years

Whether you live at home or in assisted living facilities, you need to find time to squeeze in a little exercise. A sedentary lifestyle has many ill health impacts regardless of your age. It’s not too late to start. You just need to get up and start moving.